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Vendor Services

Marketing Opportunities

Each and every month, we send all our Member Stores a newsletter full of updates, vendor highlights and retail solutions. Included with each edition is an array of flyers from participating Vendors. This is a wonderful opportunity for introducing your line, advertising new product, offering incentives and keeping in touch. You can take advantage of this opportunity each and every month...

Flyer Deadlines & Requirements

Lists & Labels

Our Members receive a Vendor Listing At A Glance every month. Each participating Vendor is listed, along with contact information and preferred terms.

A Member update will be provided on a monthly basis via email. Please feel at liberty to forward this list to your sales representatives and showroom managers.

Preparing a mailing? We have Member Labels and Vendor Identification Labels (for your catalogs) available upon request.

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Showroom Signage

We provide each Vendor showroom signage for regional and national showrooms. These signs can be displayed in showroom windows and along with your merchandise. This is a terrific means for drawing our Members into your showroom!

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Special Promotions

Are you planning to host a special event for our Members? Let us know! We will be happy to share the news and highlight your event.

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