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Flyer Deadlines & Requirements

Our Retail Member Stores receive eleven mailings each year. The mailing includes a four page full color newsletter,Network News, our Vendor Partner listing, and an assortment of 8 1⁄2 x 11 flyers provided by you.

Our flyer program is an opportunity to introduce your line, advertise new product, offer incentives and maintain established accounts. You may participate monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. Remember, our program is membership fee based. As a result, our Retail Members take the time to peruse our packet, so they may maximize their buying dollars with Retail Advantage Group Vendor Partners.

When planning flyers, keep in mind that Retail Members plan their purchases well in advance. For example, you would be best served by sending a flyer featuring Valentine’s Day product, by October. We encourage you to consider an order form on the back of your flyer. Do not forget to detail your contact information

Upcoming Deadlines and Holiday Guidelines

Flyer Deadlines:

February 2016 Newsletter
Flyers Due – Tuesday, January 5th Deadline

March 2016 Newsletter

Flyers Due – Friday, February 5th Deadline

April 2016 Newsletter

Flyers Due – Monday, March 7th Deadline

May 2016 Newsletter

Flyers Due – Tuesday, April 5th Deadline

June 2016 Newsletter

Flyers Due – Thursday, May 5th Deadline

July 2016 Newsletter

Flyers Due – Monday, June 6th Deadline

August 2016 Newsletter

Flyers Due – Tuesday, July 5th Deadline

September 2016 Newsletter

Flyers Due – Friday, August 5th Deadline

October 2016 Newsletter

Flyers Due – Monday, September 5th Deadline

November 2016 Newsletter

Flyers Due – Wednesday, October 5th Deadline

December 2016/January 2017 Newsletter

Flyers Due – Monday, November 7th Deadline


Flyer Requirements

  1. We only accept one page, single sheet flyers (do not fold). You may print on both sides.

  2. They must be 8 1⁄2″ x 11″ in size and all paper must be the same brand/style/weight per mailing.

  3. Card Stock and Glossy Paper will NOT be accepted. Paper cannot not exceed 80lb TEXT stock.

  4. DO NOT affix any labels onto your flyer.

  5. DO NOT pack your flyers in ‘popcorn’ or any other packing materials, other than brown packing paper.

  6. We currently require 750 copies – if we do not receive 750 copies; your flyer will be held until we receive all copies needed to complete a full run.

  7. We will only accept 750 flyers per mailing, per month (one flyer style per Vendor, per month).

  8. Mail flyers to our Florida Office: Attn: Vendor Team 5224 West State Road 46 #337, Sanford, FL 32771

Send your flyers to:
5224 West State Road 46 #337, Sanford, Florida 32771